Phil Skinner President of the Atlanta SCI


" I can't stop smiling about my trip to Lake Picachos in Mexico. My brother and I caught good numbers of bass from 2 to 5 pounds however my only problem with the trip is  I gained five pounds. Thanks for all of your advice concerning the trip."

Dr. Charles Spivak


"I caught this 25 pound peacock and my partner caught a 20 and a 21 pound peacock."

Troyce Brunson


" You know it's a  great trip when you catch four trophy peacock from 20 to 24.5 pounds.".


Dr. Charles Spivak


" Though I'm a novice bass fisherman, I caught this 10 pound bass at Lake Comedero on a three day trip."

Dan, Perkins


Thanks for setting up the fishing trip to Brazil for Peacocks. It's not a bad fishing trip when you can catch around 200 fish on a fly rod in 6 days! 


Bill Saterfield, Alabama


" Great food and accommodation at Lake Picachos. My fishing partner and I were really pleased with the quantity of fish at Picachos."